Why I use activity packs in my classroom.

While completing my teaching program I was told all students learn differently based on their different learning styles. We have all heard this before, right? When I actually made it in the classroom I realized there really weren’t many resources out there to make this differentiation happen. So I started to make my own.

I knew I wanted to appeal to as many students as possible. I began making activity packs that include resources with coloring, cutting and pasting, solving puzzles, writing in math, resources that had cross-curricular content and many more. I did this for each skill I taught (seventh grade math) and it was a huge success. There were times I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the creating, but hearing my students beg for more activities kept me going.

With so many different resources I was able to start giving my students options on their work. Students could now pick the activities that appealed to them the most. Since I knew each page was equally rich with content, there was never a worry about a student always choosing the “quickest” or “easiest” activity. The choice was up to them and this made all the difference.

Letting students choose their assignment took away that “ugh, I have to do work now” thought process. The students in my classroom were now excited to work. This was such a win – win for me. By the time students reach middle school the decision has been made on whether or not math is for them. With activity packs I was able to win several students back over to the idea that math is great and can be for anyone!

CLICK HERE to check out activity packs like those below:

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