Identifying Integers and Absolute Value

Hi! So… I’ve had this blog for about four years and I have never really done much with it…🤷🏻‍♀️ whoops! After racking my brain I’ve decided to start highlighting each of the lesson bundles I am currently selling in my Teachers pay Teachers store!

If you are in need for teaching resources covering identifying integers and absolute value, KEEP READING. 🙂

Here is my complete lesson bundle covering these skills. It includes warmups, exit tickets, guided notes, a prove it – quick assessment, differentiated homework pages, and lots of activities!!!                                                                                                                            Click ↓↓↓ to take you there now!                                original-2455202-1

…and yes, you are seeing that right! This bundle includes both print-and-go or digital friendly versions for almost every resource included!!!

So let’s break down ALL of the AMAZING resources included in the bundle shown above.


First is the notes and such pack! This includes:                                                                      TWO WARMUPS – each with four identifying integers and four absolute value problems.

TWO EXIT TICKETS – each with one word problem.

THREE PAGES OF GUIDED NOTES. The notes include creating a chart of words that would indicate a positive or negative integer, identifying the integer from a given word problem, plotting a group of integers on a number line and circling the one with the least or greatest value, basic absolute value problems, and multi-term absolute value problems.

PROVE-IT QUICK ASSESSMENT – three parts, six problems on each. Prove-it has been an AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE tool I have used for years in my classroom! Each day students are VERY EAGER to get to the fun parts of a lesson; the coloring pages, puzzles etc. However, it is so important to make sure they are ready for those independent tasks. After completing the guided notes with students I pass out the prove it page. It’s super short. There are “three attempts” each including only a handful of problems. When I say “GO!” students will work out the problems in the “attempt 1” section. The goal is to PROVE IT!!… Prove they are ready to move on to those fun activities. When students are done with attempt 1, they raise their hand, I come check, and if all answers are correct I give them the green light to move on to whatever activity they choose. (I usually have these set out prior.) If there is even the slightest mistake, they must complete attempt 2. If additional mistakes are made during attempt 2, which by this time is usually only a small handful of students, I am able to work more closely with them. After completing a few more practice problems with the struggling students I send them on their way to try “attempt 3.” By now 90-100% of students are ready to move on to the independent activities. If necessary I will work more with the 1-2 students that still continue to need help.

THREE DIFFERENTIATED HOMEWORK PAGES – I love, love, love having three levels of homework!! Having spent my teaching career with the majority of students at or below grade level, these were a must-have. I wanted my students to feel confident in the skills they were learning. Without confidence, students are going to stop before they even start.

  • Level A is comprised of very basic problems! Even lower functioning students should be able to complete these.  There are four identifying integer problems from a phrase or sentence. For example: “Alison lost $8 in the park.” The integer would be -8! There are 10 basic absolute value problems. Such as |-54|… answer being 54.
  • Level B is slightly harder, but not much. There are four identifying integer problems again, similar to level A. There are also 10 absolute value problems, but this time the problems are more like: 26 – |-13|.
  • Level C, once again the level moves up slightly. There are four identifying integer problems, five absolute value problems, and three word problems.

One last thing… ALL of the resources included in the notes and such bundle come with a print and go version as well as a digital-friendly version. The notes, warm-ups, exit tickets, and homework pages were recreated using Google Slidesand the Prove It Quick Assessment is broken up into three separate quizzes using Google Forms. The digital Prove-It Quick Assessment is self-grading!!

Alright… moving on to the next pack included:


Y’all say it with me… GAME CHANGER. The poster sets included in this resource make teaching SO MUCH EASIER. So this is what you get with this pack:

• 4 word wall posters (print version is 1/2 page)
  1. positive integer
  2. negative integer
  3. integer
  4. absolute value.
• 4 I can statement posters (print version is 1/2 page)
  1. I can identify positive and negative integers from a given situation.
  2. I can identify the integer with the least or greatest value on a number line.
  3. I can determine the absolute value of an integer.
  4. I can solve an expression with an absolute value.
• 4 reference sheets/anchor charts
  1. identifying integers
  2. identifying the least or greatest integer (number line)
  3. absolute value
  4. expressions with absolute value

All though I lOVE all of the posters in this pack, the reference sheets have truly changed my classroom!! Print and hang them on the wall, print them on the back of homework sheets, print them to put into INB! These are such a go-to for me. As a teacher there isn’t quite enough of you to go around sometimes. These little gems really help students with their work while I’m busy helping others.

Let me say it again… THESE ARE THE BEST!!!! Oh, and they come in print and digital!!

…and now… drumroll.. on to the activities. This is what the students are waiting for, right? Well, I have included a VARIETY!


Click the image above to be directed to the activity pack including all of my integers and absolute value activities, or click any of the boxes below to be directed to individual activities.


I really try to mix things up when it comes to the activities. I want students to have a wide variety of ways to practice. In this pack students have the option to:

  • COLOR with the identifying integers coloring page. This consists of 10 multiple choice problems. Students can complete this in print or digitally.
  • Practice math HANDS-ON with the identifying integers cut and paste puzzle. I have included both a 9 problem and 16 problem version in order to differentiate in your classroom. Both puzzles can be completed digitally or by printing, cutting, and pasting.
  • ORGANIZE key words – with the identifying integers graphic organizer! Print and digital!
  • Brush up on their HISTORY while practicing math – with the 10 problem, multiple choice, absolute value mistory lib activity. Students will learn a brief history of Betsy Ross when they answer the math questions correctly. Print and digital!
  • Be introduced to a new skill with these discovery banners. There are four banners/sheets total covering both identifying integers AND absolute value. The print version is in the shape of a banner, the digital version is in the shape of a regular landscape page. They are a GO-TO at the beginning of a lesson! Print and digital!
  • Draw with the 9 problem, multiple-choice solve and sketch activity covering absolute value problems. Print only!

Well that about wraps up all of the components I have included in the Identifying Integers and Absolute Value Lesson Bundle.

original-2455202-1 <<<<<<CLICK HERE

Thank you for reading!

Best,                                                                                                                                                          Jessica

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